Our Company

Effective strategies and innovative solutions are our hallmarks.

Today’s markets and technologies shift so quickly that what was effective yesterday may not be effective today, so innovation is more critical than ever. Our comprehensive assessment method helps us to innovate and increase performance on multiple levels of an enterprise.  Our centers of excellence are:

Executive Advisory · Strategy · Brand
Product Design · Web · Revenue Generation

The Result: A Better Business Model

We provide a comprehensive array of services to position companies for peak performance.  Our experience and attention to detail help us to build significant competitive advantages, increase bottom line profitability and build company value. With experience in over 70 industries, we provide innovative solutions at all levels of the enterprise.

Strategy · Brand · Marketing · Quality Assurance · Sales · Operations · Product Design · Finance ·  Technology


“Donn has extremely high capabilities over a range of disciplines – from strategy to marketing to technology and finance. The quality of his work is outstanding.”


Dan Moore, CEO, Longstreet Partners, a venture consultancy.


“Donn’s capabilities are outstanding, as is his work ethic. He truly cares about delivering the best product possible.“


Jim Wallace, CEO, JD Wallace, LLC.


“Donn makes a recommendation only when he is completely sure of the answer. That’s one of the reasons that make him worthy of trust”


Robert Chavez, CEO, Advanced Environmental Solutions, Belen, New Mexico