I’ll take your business to the next level.

With 35 years of achievement as an entrepreneur, executive and consultant, I have a history of success in consistently meeting revenue and margin targets. I’ve acquired, grown and divested numerous small businesses, which have generated returns from 80% to 190% (ROI) in 4 years or less. With a working knowledge of over 70 industries and a Best Practices approach, I balance reality with possibility and deliver solutions for these business imperatives:

  • Strategy: Developing winning strategies, pinpointing new markets and attracting new partners.
  • Innovation: Enhancing existing products and designing new products that exceed the competition.
  • Capitalization: Managing capital, reducing costs and decreasing capital requirements.
  • Branding: Developing a marketing posture that is difficult for competitors to duplicate.
  • Quality Assurance: Improving quality, customer service, systems and policies and procedures.
  • Management: Enabling people and improving teamwork with a proactive management style.
  • Operations: Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and maintaining predictable overhead.
  • Risk Management: Controlling costs, maintaining predictable overhead and reducing liabilities.
  • Revenue Generation: Developing recurring revenues, reversing customer attrition and lowering aging on receivables.

“Donn’s analytic capabilities are excellent, and he has the attention to detail that’s required to provide best-in-class solutions.”-Nolan Guagenti, Cofounder and Director of Engineering, VAEIT