Executive Advisory

Today’s executives and business owners face many challenges.

Today’s executives face business and financial management challenges that cross over traditional boundaries. More than ever, an interdisciplinary and functional approach is needed to improve productivity, innovate, and manage people and resources. In the face of increased competition, executives and business owners must work smarter with fewer resources, make sound decisions and meet goals in the major business systems.

Benefit from my experience, approach and ownership mentality.

The Executive Advisory is a forward thinking and proactive consultation with Donn O’Neill, focusing on problem-solving, risk management and developing new competitive advantages. He has a record of success in solving problems, meeting difficult challenges and achieving results at multiple levels, seen here:

  • Strategy: Developing winning strategies, pinpointing new markets and attracting new partners.
  • Innovation: Enhancing existing products and designing new products that exceed the competition.
  • Capitalization: Managing capital, reducing costs and decreasing capital requirements.
  • Branding: Developing a marketing posture that is difficult for competitors to duplicate.
  • Quality Assurance: Improving quality, customer service, systems and policies and procedures.
  • Management: Enabling people and improving teamwork with a proactive management style.
  • Operations: Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and maintaining predictable overhead.
  • Risk Management: Controlling costs, maintaining predictable overhead and reducing liabilities.
  • Revenue Generation: Developing recurring revenues, reversing customer attrition and lowering aging on receivables.
Exemplary Results

Echelon Environmental: Brand strategy and sales system tripled prior year’s revenues.

Tyler West Studio: Authored business plan and brand strategy that enabled the company to secure Microsoft Game Studios, Warner Brothers, Play Station and Paramount Pictures as clients.

JD Wallace Associates: An effective launch strategy positioned the company for sustained growth.

Oakhill Group: A new communications strategy enabled this contractor to procure larger contracts with the Department of Defense; divestiture provided a substantial gain for the founders.

‘Donn is extremely knowledgeable in business strategies and tactics across a range of issues, the issues that build true company value.’-Wayne M. Gatewood, Jr., President, CEO, Quality Support, Inc. Federal Contractor Management and Administrative Support.