Our distinctive array of services has earned us a reputation for excellence.

We build significant competitive advantages, increase profitability and build company value at the levels of:  Strategy, Brand, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Quality, Customer Service, Operations, Technology and Finance. Our centers of excellence are:

  • Executive Advisory. Business Performance, Innovation, Best Practices
  • Strategy. Enterprise and Brand Strategy; Marketing Plans, Business Plans, Investment Packages
  • Brand. Concept, Product Strategy, Needs Assessment, Competitive Analysis, Positioning
  • Product Design. Feasibility Analysis, Product Strategy, Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Web & Social Media. Web Design, e-Commerce; SMM, SMO, Content Marketing
  • Marketing & Revenue Generation. Strategy, Marketing Communications; Proposals, Capabilities Statements, Presentations, Sales Training
We’ve served 100+ clients in 70+ industries with results across the board.
  • Technology. Network Design and Integration, Computer Manufacturing, Data Storage, Enterprise Web Hosting, e-Commerce, Internet, Telecommunications, Computer Services, AI Applications Development
  • Environment. Environmental Consulting, Waste Management and Sustainable Practices
  • Business Services. Business Consulting, Medical Equipment, Corporate Compliance, Construction, Real Estate, Business Valuation, Research and Development, and Conceptual Art and Computer Illustration
  • Financial Services. Financial Planning, Insurance, Venture Capital, Mortgage Banking, Wholesale Lending, Secondary Mortgage Markets and Mortgage Brokering
  • International. Market Research Services, Consumer Products, Business Services, Legal Compliance
  • Retail. Restaurant, Hospitality, Clothing, Card and Gifts, Jewelry, Wine and Spirits and Home Improvement
  • Consumer Products & Suppliers. Imported and Domestic Wines, Distilled Spirits, Jewelry, Apparel
  • Federal Government Contracting. Information Technology, Web Hosting, Network Design, Help Desk, Computer Services, Administrative Support Services, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement
  • Nonprofit. Trade Associations, Professional Associations, Business Organizations and Churches

“Your abilities to see hidden opportunities and to create a new business model helped us outpace our competitors. The strategies and tactics you developed gave us a real competitive advantage.”-DanCondrick, President, Design Capital Financial, San Diego, CA – Mortgage Banking.