Consultant. Donn has 24 years of experience in solving problems and developing solutions for the major business systems of: Marketing, Sales, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, People, Operations, Innovation, Web, Technology and Finance. He has solved critical business problems for principals and executives of firms in both the US and abroad.

Owner and Investor. At age 26, Donn founded a company that acquired, grew and divested 5 businesses, generating returns from 80% to 190% (ROI) in 4 years or less. Several businesses, including a wine and spirits store and a restaurant, Faraday’s, are thriving enterprises and landmarks 28 years later.

Perspective: He has hands-on expertise with 36 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and consultant, with a record of consistently meeting revenue and margin targets.

Executive. Donn has 11 years of corporate experience as an Executive Vice President, Interim CFO and CEO, and Brand Manager with bottom line responsibility for company and product growth.

Social Innovation. He also founded Veritas Ventures, LLC, which will provide a unique spectrum of human relationship resources within the context of a Web 3.0 interactive social network and learning community.

Core Skills: Business Analysis and Modeling · Company Launch · Product Design · Strategy and Planning · Brand · Marketing Systems · Best Practices and Benchmarking · Innovation · Revenue Generation · Web · Acquisition, Turnaround and Divestiture · Executive Advisory

Education. B.S., Biopsychology, Summa cum Laude, Tufts University.


With 35 years of achievement as an entrepreneur, executive and consultant, he has history of success in developing brands and building companies. At age 27, he founded O’Neill Anderson Enterprises, expertwhich acquired, turned around and divested businesses, including a restaurant, a wine and spirits store, a business brokerage and a stationary supplies distributorship. Ventures realized returns from 80% to 190% (ROI) in 4 years or less. Two businesses have become landmarks and are still thriving. As Director of Sales for Gallo Wine Distributors in NY City, he coordinated the successful introductions of 29 new products; as a product manager of Ron Rico Rum, he tripled market share in only 18 months. His performance resulted in procurement of exclusive distribution rights to 11 new products, resulting in a $48 million annual sales growth for the distributorship. As Executive Vice President of Design Capital Financial, he restructured the company, repositioned the brand and created a marketing system that achieved a 78% close rate. Design Capital grew to the third largest brokerage in San Diego in only 4 years. He has also served as an interim CEO and CFO for technology startups, and has a working knowledge of over 70 industries. His capabilities cover the full spectrum of the 10 major business systems.


Donn has utilized his skills to help over 100 companies realize their goals, and has also designed and developed many new products to fill the voids in emerging market niches. He has advised principals and senior executives to help their companies penetrate both domestic and international markets. He received his successB.S., Summa cum Laude in Biopsychology from Tufts University, where he performed leading-edge, graduate-level research in neurophysiology. He was also a member of the Psi Chi National Honor Society and taught “The Neurophysiology of Sensory Perception”. Donn also formulated a “key-lock” theory of the role of neurotransmitters in synaptic depolarization, proven in 1980 and served as a lynchpin for receptor site research, a core initiative of biotechnology R&D efforts. He also performed research on the biological basis of human behavior, with a focus on learning and motivation. Donn has led symposiums on “Marketing for Sustainable Growth” and “Managing for Shareholder Value”. He also founded Veritas Ventures, LLC, which will provide a unique spectrum of human relationship resources within the context of a Web 3.0 interactive community. This company will also develop parenting products and life skills products for disadvantaged children.

“Donn redesigned our company and its services, and designed a marketing system that tripled our business from last year. Truly amazing results!”-
Ron Harvey, CEO, Echelon Environmental, Walterboro, SC