We pinpoint new opportunities, solve difficult problems and save your money.

We have improved business performance in many ways, such as reversing a decline in profits, reorienting product/market strategies, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.  We have assessed and improved virtually every business system in our clients companies with outstanding results in:

  • Strategy: Developing winning strategies, pinpointing new markets and attracting new partners.
  • Innovation: Enhancing existing products and designing new products that exceed the competition.
  • Capitalization: Managing capital, reducing costs and decreasing capital requirements.
  • Branding: Developing a marketing posture that is difficult for competitors to duplicate.
  • Quality Assurance: Improving quality, customer service, systems and policies and procedures.
  • Management: Enabling people and improving teamwork with a proactive management style.
  • Operations: Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and maintaining predictable overhead.
  • Risk Management: Controlling costs, maintaining predictable overhead and reducing liabilities.
  • Revenue Generation: Developing recurring revenues, reversing customer attritiuon and lowering aging on receivables.

Exemplary Results

Echelon Environmental. New website and social media marketing campaign tripled previous year’s business in only a 7 month period.

Design Capital Financial. As EVP, Donn helped grow to become the 3rd largest mortgage brokerage firm in California.

The Spirit Locker. Wines and Spirits store in New York. Remerchandised and priced as a high-end boutique store and sold for a 134% ROI. It is still thriving 32 years later.

Faraday’s. Purchased this failing business and sold for triple the purchase price in 3 years. It is now a Smithtown, NY landmark 26 years later.

Elwood Cards & Gifts. Remerchandised and sold the business for a 162% ROI in 1 year.

Global Business Services. Reduced costs by 15% and grew revenues by an average of 32% per annum.

Tyler West Studio. Business plan and brand strategy enabled the company to secure Microsoft Game Studios, Warner Brothers, Play Station and Paramount Pictures as clients.

Oakhill Group. Communications strategy enabled this contractor to procure larger contracts with the Department of Defense; divestiture provided a substantial gain for the founders.

RMCLU. Highly differentiated brand strategy fostered a steady 20% to 30% annual growth.

Mosvneshinform, Moscow, RU. Designed new services to help this company become the premier consulting firm for companies trying to enter the Russian markets. Developed proprietary Poll Russia Survey and the Russian Attitudes and Values Survey.

Veritas Ventures LLC. Developed a brand concept, product development plan, and product demo for a proprietary, interactive software application and training product.

VAEIT. Designed a new web site that helped VAEIT become a “Washington Fast 50” company.

“Donn’s expertise and work ethic are unmatched. He is results focused, and he delivers on his promises.”-Robert McKeever, Principal, RMCLU.